At Rocking Z Acres farms, we provide a wide range of services to local farmers in our area. We are happy to assist those individuals that just plant a few acres a year to those that are planting several hundred acres each growing season. The one difference you will notice between us and the competition is we are actually a working farm, and we have the same challenges and face the same problems that you do every spring, summer and fall.

On our farms we use John Deere equipment as well as Horsch Andersen systems. These two lines offer it all from heavy power that can get the job done to unique options for one pass planting that maximizes efficiency and decreases the cost of getting the seed in the ground. With our practical knowledge of just how this equipment works in our unique South Dakota soil we can provide advice and information to allow you to tailor your soil management, seeding and harvesting to your specifications.

We specialize in top of the line seeds and planting technology, coordinated to maximize your production while minimizing your overhead. On the farm we use these same pieces of equipment, specialized seed brands and the technology that is cutting edge in the area of crop production. Hiring us saves you money on equipment costs and also on repairs, maintenance and storage. It also gives you more cash on hand, not tied up in monthly loan payments for equipment, to handle the day to day expenses of running your operation.

We are located at 19681 376th Ave. Wessington, SD 57381-7812, which is just off of Highway 281 and Highway 14. It is just a short 36 mile drive from Huron, just a bit over 46 miles from Redfield and 7 miles from Wessington itself.

Stop by the farm and take a look at what we are accomplishing using the top equipment and leading technology in the agricultural industry. We are always ready to talk to you about our partnership with Syngenta and creating higher yielding harvests while remaining environmentally friendly. Creating sustainable land usage models, increasing marketing potential and minimizing your costs are at the heart of this technology as well as at the heart of what we offer the farmers of South Dakota.