Farm Equipment

We offer Farm Equipment Services to better serve you. We have a variety of John Deere and Horsch Anderson equipment ready
to be used for you. Why invest a small fortune when you can hire us and some of our many available equipments? We
have support personal willing to help give you a hand whenever you are using one of our rentals. Don’t
go it alone, let us help you.

Planting Options

Today’s farming environment can be challenging. What is the best use of your time, money, and land? Our
professional team spends their whole life sorting through these types of questions. Let us help you best
use the your resources. By partnering with Syngenta, we gain their valuable insight on many different
types of plant options. Insight that we can then pass on to you as our consumer.

Seed Technologies

In today’s world of modern science, there have been many small advances that help you as the grower reap
massive benefits. New seed technologies are enhancing the way farms are run. Compared to yesteryear’s seeds,
today’s technologies provide tremendous benefit at a minimal cost to you as the farmer.